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The Hochschule Fresenius and its International Business School at EF Career Day on February 13th!

Education First (EF) hosted a Career Day at its Düsseldorf Offices on February 13th. This event brought together various organizations and interested young adults to discover various ways to work, study and travel abroad. Christina Düring of the HS Fresenius in Düsseldorf and Monère Renoir Wanner, lecturer of Intercultural and Diversity Management at the INTEBUS in Cologne, presented the wide variety of study programs and opportunities available for Fresenius and INTEBUS students to enjoy exciting international adventures. Participants eager to learn more about intercultural skills and why employers value them, that is why they attended the presentation delivered by Monère Renoir Wanner. In her presentation, she highlighted the value of intercultural skills, illustrated how to design study abroad experiences to develop these skills, as well as, how to demonstrate intercultural skills throughout the application process. If the idea of becoming a global citizen excites you, then why not consider INTEBUS? Our English-language degree programs in International Business Management (B.A.) and in International Business Psychology (B.A.) offered at our campuses in Cologne and in Berlin could be your next steps toward global citizenship. Thanks to the integrated semesters abroad in New York and in Shanghai, INTEBUS students spend three years studying on three continents while paving their unique professional path. The INTEBUS regularly hosts informational evenings at campuses in Cologne and Berlin. Click here to reserve your seat. We look forward to meeting you!