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Master Students visited Roche

On 5th February students from the Master International Pharmacoeconomics & Health Economics have been invited by Adham Kassab to visit him at Roche Diagnostics GmbH in Mannheim. Adham Kassab is in his 4th semester of the programme and working on his master thesis at Roche Diabetes Care. After a warm welcome and a short company presentation, the group started a facility tour including the cassette production of Accu-Chek Mobile and the high bay warehouse. After Basel and Indianapolis, Roche Mannheim is the third largest Roche location in the world with 8,000 employees. After lunch the students met Fabian Müller, the International Market Access Manager for Roche Diabetes Care. He introduced his department and explained the organisational structure and responsibilities of his department, like health technology assessment, modelling, pricing, payer marketing and payer value strategy. It was a great experience for the students to see how the theoretical concepts taught in the course are put into practice by a medical device company. The students and course coordinator Wiltrud Reinstaedtler very much appreciated the efforts of Adham Kassab and Fabian Müller and would like to thank them and Roche Diagnostics for their hospitality.