Hochschule Fresenius

Final remarks

I certify that I have filled out the application / online-application truthfully and completely, and that I will submit the required application documents in their entirety and within the prescribed deadlines, in particular

  • The insurance certificate issued by the insurance company through which, at the beginning of my studies, I am or will be insured, either myself or as a family member; or, if a member of a private health-insurance scheme, a proof of exemption from the mandatory statutory insurance obligation.* 

I hereby consent that all application materials submitted by post, with the exemption of originals and officially certified copies, may be scanned by the admissions office and subsequently destroyed. Officially certified copies submitted will be returned only upon request.

I hereby consent to the storage and forwarding of my data within the network of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences for the purpose of dissemination in the prospective-student, application and support process.

We use Salesforce software to collect and process the personal data of prospective-students, students/trainees/school pupils and personnel.

In this connection, the data are processed in a third country (e.g. USA) – outside of the scope of application of the EU Data Protection Directive.

By entering data and uploading files, you hereby consent to the location of data processing, and to the privacy policy of the provider, salesforce.com. You may consult this policy at: www.salesforce.com/eu/company/privacy/

The data described above are collected and processed on the basis of the respective enrolment, examination and statistics directives/legislation of the respective German state. The provisions applicable to your and /or the respective university location and course of study can be consulted in your service lounge/your student services office.