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Information on teaching activities


Information on teaching avtivities

(updated on January 13, 2021)

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Should you come to the campus, please observe the mandatory hygiene measures.

It is vital that you wear a mouth-nose cover and keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other people.


The German government and state premiers decided on January 5 to extend the shutdown of public life in Germany in order to contain the high numbers of infections in the Corona pandemic.

As Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, we want to help prevent infections and at the same time enable students to successfully complete their studies. We are therefore continuing to suspend on-campus lectures until January 31; practical teaching and exam preparation in the laboratories, workshops and practical rooms are possible to a limited extent, depending on the respective state regulations and in compliance with hygiene measures. Digital teaching can and will of course continue to take place during the departments’ lecture times.

Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences offers the following options for written examinations:

In the federal states in which examinations in presence continue to be permitted by the authorities, these examinations will take place in presence. This means that in Bavaria, Berlin, Hamburg and Hesse, face-to-face examinations will be offered in the coming weeks on the known dates under strict hygiene measures.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, on the other hand, attendance examinations are not permitted by official order until January 31. In North Rhine-Westphalia, face-to-face exams will be postponed until February.

All students who do not want to or cannot take part in the face-to-face exams in January or February will be given the opportunity to take a digitally supported or department-specific alternative exam (e.g. online exam) in February.

Important: Special regulations apply to the Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg, as this is an independent university!

You will soon receive further information from the examination office responsible for you.

The university buildings will remain accessible, but we want to avoid general public traffic as far as possible for reasons of infection control, so we ask you to refrain from non-essential trips to the locations and to clarify your concerns by telephone or e-mail. All services – Student Services, Examination Office, Library – can still be reached by telephone or e-mail without restrictions and are also available on site to a limited extent.

From now on, masks are also mandatory in all rooms and in all teaching and practical situations, regardless of whether a minimum distance can be maintained or not.

As an educational institution, we are well equipped to deal with the current challenges. We are in close contact with the health and regulatory authorities at all locations and always update the local hygiene concepts based on the official requirements.

We thank you for your cooperation in complying with and implementing the protective measures, but also very much for your understanding that the university has to adjust to changing specifications almost daily, which cannot remain without impact on study operations. With your support, we will continue to make this a successful semester together.

Further information about the teaching activities is summarized in the FAQ below and on ILIAS.


Watch a video message from university president Professor Tobias Engelsleben:

Message in German. Please select English subtitles in the video settings.

Rules of Caution and Hygiene

At Hochschule Fresenius

Wear a mouth-nose cover when entering the university, in all closed rooms and during lectures. Wearing a mouth-nose cover is also mandatory in front of the buildings of the university, i.e.  outside the door, if the minimum distance cannot be kept.

Disinfect your hands when you enter the college. Adhere to the general hygiene rules of the Robert Koch-Institute such as regular hand washing, coughing and sneezing into the crook of your arm etc. Avoid shaking hands and hugs.

There is a QR code in front of each seminar room. Use it to check yourself in before each course and check out again after the course when you leave the room. We are obliged by the authorities to ensure traceability for participants of each course.

Despite the obligation to wear a mouth-nose cover, please continue to keep sufficient distance from other people. This applies to the inside and outside of the university buildings. We urgently request that you enter and leave classrooms at a distance and do not stay in groups in and in front of the buildings.

You are not allowed to enter the university if you are ill with COVID-19, if you have had direct contact to persons ill with COVID-19 in the past 14 days or if you have respiratory diseases that have not been medically clarified.

If you return from a corona risk area from abroad (see official list of the Robert Koch-Institute) you may only enter the university again after having completed quarantine or after a negative test result, which is not older than 48 hours.


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