International Pharmacoeconomics, Health Economics & Market Strategies for Healthcare Products (M.Sc.)

4 Semester 
Master of Science 
120 gem. ECTS 
775 Euro / Monat 
Der Studiengang ist staatlich anerkannt und akkreditiert. (mehr Info)

Course aims


  • have a first degree in the field of health economics?
  • have a bachelor degree in natural sciences such as pharmacy, biology, chemistry or medicine?
  • have a bachelor degree in medical device or medical engineering?
  • are currently working in a pharmaceutical or medical device company, regulatory authority or contract research organisation?

And you are interested in

  • economics and the characteristics of the healthcare market?
  • comparing and evaluating different healthcare systems?
  • learning different economic evaluation and modelling techniques to assess the value of new healthcare products?
  • developing market access strategies for new healthcare products?
  • learning the essential statistics and research skills?

If so, then apply for the Master in International Pharmacoeconomics, Health Economics and Market Strategies for Healthcare Products. This course of study offers you an ideal advanced qualification and, with its international orientation, opens up career opportunities in both the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

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Course content

The Master’s course in International Pharmacoeconomics, Health Economics and Market Strategies for Healthcare Products trains experts who deal specifically with the current challenges of faster patient access to safe and effective healthcare products in a cost effective manner.

The course has been designed to provide graduates with advanced knowledge, understanding and skills of the principles of health economics and pharmacoeconomics.  These include understanding and applying health economic and modelling techniques in addition to evaluating the decision making process in healthcare management. In this context, students are able to make recommendations for resource allocation, based on different ethical principles. 

Besides the management skills to plan different market strategies, students are aware of the different reimbursement and pricing mechanisms in the different markets.  

Specific regulatory frameworks in different countries, as well as Health Technology Assessments and Management, are other discipline specific skills. Students will acquire a number of specific skills, such as the ability to collect, analyse and interpret a range of complex quantitative and qualitative statistics. They will also develop a number of valuable research skills, including planning, undertaking surveys and data collection, through completion of the dissertation. Students will be presented with a number of opportunities to extend their communication and presentation skills, developing arguments and criticise evidence, using verbal and written communication, and improving their interpersonal relations through the small group class size of international participants.

The Master in International Pharmacoeconomics, Health Economics and Market Strategies for Healthcare Products  bridges research and practice with an integral 12-week industrial residency placement, which enables students to apply their theoretical knowledge in the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry.

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Career opportunities

The pharmaceutical and medical device companies, corporate consultants, insurance companies, as well as national and international health organisations, are increasingly seeking experts who are not only skilled in understanding and analysing health markets, but are also capable of developing strategies and studies in the field of health economics and market access.

Outcomes Research, Evaluation or Market Access are just some of the areas where these experts are employed. This course of study prepares students to take on these and other challenging tasks in the pharmaceutical and health industry. There are no bounds to your mobility: The Master in International Pharmacoeconomics,Health Economics & Market Strategies for Healthcare Products will enable you to work anywhere in the world, while your knowledge and practical experience will qualify you for executive positions as well.

  • Regulatory affairs expert
  • Health economist
  • Pricing expert
  • Manager-payer cooperation
  • Market access manager
  • Manager in health economics and outcomes research

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Application Procedure & Entry Requirements

Entry requirements

  • A written application submitted to Hochschule Fresenius.
  • The successful completion of an undergraduate degree (Bachelor/honours degree or equivalent) of at least 180 Credit Points in one of the following fields: health & life sciences, economics, natural sciences, e.g. pharmacy, chemistry, biology or medical technology, medical engineering or nutrition, maths or statistics.

The following English-language admission requirements apply to the Master’s study programme:

  • Level B2 or higher according to the European Framework of Reference; proven by passing a TOEFL Internet-Based Test (iBT) with 90 points, an IELTS with a minimum of 6.5 points or a UK NARIC’s (National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom) assessment certificate confirming that the bachelor degree is taught to the standard of CEFR level B2. All qualifications must be completed no more than 2 calendar years before the programme start date. NARIC language assessment certificates confirming a CEFR level C1 or above are valid for four years.
  • Non-native speaking applicants whose previous degree was taken in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada and which degree was awarded not more than four years prior to commencing the MIMS is not required to sit the TOEFL or IELTS test.
  • Native speaking applicants whose previous degree was taken in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand or Canada are not required to provide an English certificate.

Application Process
Please be aware that the application process deadline for non-European citizens ends on 31st May! Regardless of your nationality if you cannot present a document stating the ECTS points of your degree your certificates will be proofed by uni-assist (Service Center for International University Applications). Uni assist will make a statement about the equivalency of your studies and degrees to the German system.

Please send your complete application documents (CV, Bachelor degree certificate and transcripts, TOEFL or IELS language certificate) with the application form to

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Fees & financing options

  • Tuition fees: EUR 775 per month
  • Registration fee: EUR 300, non-recurring (after signing the contract)
  • Uni Assist examination fee:  EUR 150 non-recurring

Foreign students can apply for a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service. In the third and fourth semesters, students usually earn money during their industrial residency placement and master thesis.

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Application Process now opened - International Pharmacoeconomics, Health Economics & Market Strategies for Healthcare Products

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