Health Economics (B.A.)

Course duration:
6 semester 
Course start:
winter semester 
Bachelor of Arts 
180 according to ECTS 
750 Euro / Month 
The course is recognised and accredited by the state.
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The Hochschule Fresenius Bachelor’s study program in Management and Economy in Healthcare qualifies students for a career in healthcare economics and prepares them for the increasing economic challenges of this professional field.

Degree course content

Invest in your future and spend six semesters studying and acquiring valuable knowledge, methodological skills, and related concepts from the following areas:

  • Health economy and management
  • Overview of the pharmaceutical and medical device markets
  • Knowledge of other healthcare systems
  • Marketing and communication
  • Legal and medical frameworks and principles
  • Preventive and sports management
  • Basic principles of economics
  • Accounting
  • Business and civil law
  • Alternative forms of care and working with new organizational structures
  • Current developments in health policy
  • Discussion and communication leadership
  • Moderation and presentation

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Main subject areas

Hochschule Fresenius offers the following majors on the Bachelor’s study program in Management and Economy in Healthcare:

  • Hospital Management
  • Managed Care, E-Health, and Care Management
  • Pharmaceutical Management and Economics

Interdisciplinary options

To allow students to individually organise their study course, they can choose from various interdisciplinary options by adding main modules from other courses:

  • Moving Image Management
  • Controlling
  • Integrated Value Systems
  • International Retail Management
  • International Logistics Management
  • International Management
  • International Business Law
  • Human Resources and HR Law
  • Communications and Agency Management
  • Live Communication
  • M & A Law
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Media Psychology
  • Media Law
  • Online Management
  • Organizational Psychology and Consulting
  • Human Resources Psychology
  • Sports Management
  • Tax Consulting and Company Auditing
  • Sales Management

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Career opportunities

Graduates of the Management and Economy in Healthcare study program are ideally placed to launch a successful career in the various areas of the healthcare industry, where demand is not dependent on the current state of the economy:

  • Clinical sales representative
  • Hospital controller
  • Business consultant in the healthcare industry
  • Marketing and PR consultant for pharmaceutical and medical device companies
  • Market access manager for pharmaceuticals
  • Budget manager for health insurance companies
  • Care manager in statutory/private health insurance
  • Consultant in healthcare departments of banks, insurance companies, etc.

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Prerequisites for admission

In order to be eligible for acceptance by the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, applicants must produce the qualifications required for university studies (eligibility for university studies). This status can be verified using:

  • General university entrance qualification (German “Abitur”) – eligible for studying at all universities and in all federal states,
  • Subject-linked university entrance qualification – eligible for studying the corresponding subject in the federal states identified in the certificate,
  •  Advanced technical certificate – eligible for studying at a university of applied sciences or in a two-cycle study programme at a university in the federal states identified in the certificate.

Applicants who have acquired a subject-linked university entrance qualification but whose certificate does not identify the federal state Hessen should contact us at the following cost-free info hotline: 0 800 / 3 400 400. We will gladly assist you and look forward to your call!

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Application procedure

You can apply via the Hochschule Fresenius online applicant portal. This is a quick and easy way to apply for your preferred study program or training.

All information about the application procedure is available in the online applicant portal.
Applicants must submit all of the following documents by uploading them to the online applicant portal:

  • Guided statement of motivation (available to download from the applicant portal)
  • Optional: References (e.g. certificates and appraisals for social engagement)
  • Signed CV in table form
  • Declaration of consent (available to download from the applicant portal)
  • Health insurance certificate or exemption certificate if applicable (download)
  • Copy of personal identification (front and back)
  • Recent photo for student ID
  • Optional: Record of achievement (only if previous studies are to be credited)

Certified copy by post:

  •     University entrance qualification (“Abitur” certificate or equivalent documents)

We will of course provide a detailed leaflet about health and care insurance for students and an example of the insurance certificate required for you to show to your health insurance provider.

If you have any more questions, please call our free information hotline on 0 800 / 3 400 400. We will be happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

If sections of your application are missing, you must state the reasons for this in the comments field in the online applicant portal and specify an expected submission date. If you have not yet obtained your university entrance qualification at the time of application (e.g. because you are currently completing your qualification (“Abitur”)), we would still like to receive your application. Please make a note of this in your application. Please send a certified copy of your university entrance qualification by post as soon as you receive it.

Hochschule Fresenius does not return documents to applicants. Please make sure to send only certified copies, and not the original documents.

Please send your application documents to the following address
Hochschule Fresenius
Reference: Application to [preferred location] (Cologne, Hamburg or Munich)
Im MediaPark 4c
50670 Cologne, Germany

Application deadlines
Winter semester: July 31

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Hochschule Fresenius is a privately run higher education institution whose programs are recognized but not funded by the state. Therefore, we must charge fees for our programs.

  • Cost: 750 EUR per month
  • Regular duration of study: 36 months

(Subject to change)

This overview page provides a few example of financing options.

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