Business Administration (B.A.)

Course duration:
6 semester 
Course start:
summer and winter semesters 
Bachelor of Arts 
180 according to ECTS 
750 Euro / Month 
The course is recognised and accredited by the state.
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The Business Administration study program at Hochschule Fresenius will thoroughly prepare you for the demands of a career in business and the job market.

Degree content

Invest in your future and spend six semesters studying and acquiring valuable knowledge, methodological skills, and related concepts from the following areas:

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Business Law
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • HR Management
  • Production
  • Online Management
  • International and Strategic Management
  • Business English
  • Project Studies
  • Soft Skills

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Majors in Berlin

Our qualified, dedicated team of practitioners and academics will help you to acquire social, intercultural, and vocational skills as well as application-oriented knowledge and abilities in the following core areas:

  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resources Psychology

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Career opportunities

The range of qualifications on offer opens up numerous career opportunities for prospective graduates. Graduates of the Business Administration study program will find that their skills and knowledge can be applied to a wide range of areas in all commercial professions and activities. They will be able to apply what they have learned to all industries and roles. Business Administration students may wish to focus their careers on the following fields, for example:

  • Business and HR consulting
  • Controlling and financial auditing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Production and logistics
  • Human Resources management
  • Internationalization
  • Self-employment

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    Admission requirements

    To be eligible to study at Hochschule Fresenius, applicants must provide evidence of the qualification required for the program (university entrance qualification). This can take the following forms:

    • General university entrance qualification (German “Abitur”, eligible to study at all higher education institutions and in all German federal states)
    • Subject-linked university entrance qualification (German “fachgebundene Hochschulreife”, eligible to study the corresponding subject in the federal states identified in the certificate)
    • Advanced technical certificate (German “Fachhochschulreife”, eligible to study at a university of applied sciences or in a two-cycle study program at a university in the federal states identified in the certificate)
    • A master craftsman certificate or one of the following in accordance with the act on access to higher education institutions in the state of Hessen for people with professional qualifications: Completion of professional advanced training of at least 400 hours; a technical college, vocational, or administrative academy qualification; or successful completion of a state-recognized commercial apprenticeship with subsequent professional experience lasting at least three years as well as a special university admission assessment
    • To be admitted to the university, students with degrees from countries other than Germany must provide evidence of equivalent status.
    • All applicants must also undergo the institution’s own selection process. For more information, see the FAQs.

    Applicants with a subject-linked university entrance qualification or advanced technical certificate whose certificates do not mention the Federal State of Hessen should call our free information hotline on 0 800 / 3 400 400 – we will be happy to help and look forward to your call!

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    Application procedure

    NEW: the online application portal of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. Use the possibility to apply quickly and easily for the study path or training of your choice!

    All applicants must submit the following documents:

    • Certified copy of university entrance qualification
    • Two passport photos (please write your name on the reverse side)
    • Insurance certificate or proof of exemption from statutory health insurance

    Students enrolled at universities in Germany are subject to the insurance duty of statutory health and social insurance. Applicants must therefore contact their responsible statutory health insurance providers in advance of enrolment in order to acquire the required proof of insurance. Applicants who are insured by private insurance providers either as members or family members require a proof of exemption from the statutory insurance. This is produced exclusively by statutory health insurance providers upon verification of the proof of private health insurance. (Proof of insurance from private providers, proof of membership period, copies of insurance cards, etc. can unfortunately not be considered.)

    We will gladly provide you with a detailed handout about students’ health care insurance as well as a template of the required proof of insurance that you can then give to your insurance provider.

    Do you still have questions? Please contact us at the cost-free info hotline 0 800 / 3 400 400. We will gladly assist you and look forward to your call!

    If sections of your application are not submitted, the reason for this as well as the expected date for later submission should be indicated in the application package. Should at the time of your application your university entrance qualification be not yet available (e.g., because you are currently completing your general qualification for university admission), your application will nonetheless be gladly considered. Please refer to this in your application and attach a copy of the last certificate that you have received. Following our receipt of your package, the required proof of university entrance qualification must be submitted as soon as possible in the form of a certified copy.

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    Fees and financing options

    Hochschule Fresenius is a privately run higher education institution whose programs are recognized but not funded by the state. Therefore, we must charge fees for our programs.

    • Cost: 750 EUR per month
    • Regular duration of study: 36 months

    (Subject to change)
    This overview page provides a few example of financing options.

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