Financing Options

Hochschule Fresenius is a privately run higher education institution whose programs are recognized but not funded by the state. Therefore, we must charge fees for our programs. However, Hochschule Fresenius places great value on enabling all prospective students to access education, regardless of their economic situation.

Students enrolled at Hochschule Fresenius, a state-recognized institution, are naturally entitled to BAföG.

Information and forms are available from:

Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main/Amt für Ausbildungsförderung

Bockenheimer Landstraße 133

60325 Frankfurt am Main 

Tel: +49 (0)180 3223634 (3.9 cents/min. from a German landline)

Fax: +49 (0)69/ 79 82-30 57



Students at Hochschule Fresenius can also apply for scholarships. A selection of foundations is provided below:

Hanns Seidel Foundation
Applications open until January 15 and July 15; deadlines for graduates: January 15, May 15, and July 15

No deadlines; note restrictions based on number of semesters. First semester students: June 30 and December 31 by the middle of the first semester at the latest.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Applications open until May 15 and November 15. Graduates: May 15 and 
November 15. First-semester students can apply for the trial year of funding until June 30.

Applications open until January 15 and July 15; graduates: April 15, July 15, and December 15.


German Academic Scholarship Foundation
Registrations for admissions test (without recommendation): January 10 to February 15; with recommendation: February 15.
Graduates may only apply on the recommendation of their dissertation supervisor.


Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft
No deadlines; note restrictions based on number of semesters. Graduate deadlines: January 15 and August 15 for external applicants. February 15, June 15, and October 15 for sdw scholarship holders.


Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst
For Bachelor’s students only; application deadlines: March 1 and September 1; graduates: June 15 and December 15.


Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
Application deadlines: April 30 and October 31.
Students: June 30 and December 31; graduates can apply at any time; first semester: June 30 and December 31.



For extensive and specific information about current scholarship programs, visit and

Student loans are another way to finance your studies. A selection of reliable providers is provided below.

Student loans

Student loans are another way to finance your studies in addition to BAföG.

Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
Tel: +49 (0)1801242421

Deutsche Bildung AG
Tel: +49 (0)69 9203945-0

Degussa Bank
Christina Knapp | +49 (0)69-305-81357 |
Udo Graf | +49 (0)69-305-81375 | | More information about funding options through Degussa Bank is available  here!


Student loans from banks

A selection of banks is provided below:

Nassauische Sparkasse (NASPA)
For information, contact:

Ms Dorina Hjortberg
Telefon: +49 (0)6126/ 587 352 50

In some cases, students may also be eligible for the 500 EUR education grant introduced by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in January 2010. For more information, visit

As a privately run, state-recognized higher education institution, Hochschule Fresenius charges fees for each semester that are to be paid monthly and differ depending on the type of study (full-time or part-time) and the study program.

As part of its financial options, Hochschule Fresenius makes every effort to ensure that all students are able to begin and complete their studies. To do so, Hochschule Fresenius offers scholarships from its own funds; the type, duration, and granting of these scholarships is decided by an internal committee. A limited number of scholarships are available for each study program and semester. Scholarships are granted only for the payment of fees. Financial support for living expenses, travel, rent, learning materials, social insurance contributions, semester tickets, etc. is generally excluded.

For a scholarship to be granted, specific criteria must be fulfilled, such as an applicant’s eligibility and worthiness for funding. If you would like to know more about scholarships at Hochschule Fresenius, call our free hotline on 0800 3400400 (within Germany) and speak to our Student Recruitment and Applicant Management team.